Rumination: That’s what this post is about

So how long has it been since I visited or even wrote a blog post for this “personal” wordpress blog of mine…forever. Why? Because it has been the hardest semester of my educational career. By that I mean the hardest semester of kindergarten (yeah that counts too), elementary, junior high, high school and college. I’m not even sure I can maintain my stellar GPA (yep it’s pretty stellar if I can say so myself) but we’ll leave that to God. I have this sudden need to ponder and wonder  so I just thought I’d put that into writing.

Life is so tricky. Ever had the feeling you’re not as great as people think you are? That’s how I feel…lately. People around me are so sure of my imminent success and greatness. I personally don’t know about all that. This past four months led me to taste the bitter, inundating taste of failure and it makes me wonder just how “great” I’m supposedly supposed to be.  It also makes me wonder just how resilient I can or should be.

There’s a quote–at least I think it’s a quote. It goes somewhere in the line of success is not measured by how many times you fall but how many times you get up and continue even after the fall. That’s what I’m now doing. Falling and falling over and over. But I keep getting up over and over and over. As I do I wonder, ponder and search for that thing strangers and acquaintances alike see in me to make them profess an impending greatness. Only God knows. Only God can tell and I believe He’s the reason I keep getting up.

On a side note, amidst all the falling and getting ups, I’m looking forward to December! I hear _____ bells…


About MugoChi

My name is…well I’m not really going to tell you that. Those who know me will figure it out from my blog name. It’s a very unique name so guess away. Of course, the answer is right in front of you :P I’m a student at the most amazing journalism school of all time: The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I’m ready to put my interest in writing to work. So come with me and explore my world!! View all posts by MugoChi

2 responses to “Rumination: That’s what this post is about

  • ozspeaks

    Great post, seems like we both share in the same wonders and ponders of life. Its often amazing when people see things in you that you can’t see in yourself….. Amist all that God is faithful, when we fall we get back up again.

    • MugoChi

      Thanks for reading. I know. At times I get this feeling that maybe I will let people down. But as always, all we can do is put everything in God’s hands.

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